Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Blood & Oil 2015 - The Beginning

Contrary to my promise to update this blog more this year I haven't. Bugger. However, I giving it a go again with a report of what happened at Blood & Oil this year.

First off, yes I am back using Cryx. I love the Skorne models and will keep them for the future but Cryx seem to suit me better on the tabletop. I promised myself that I would play Skorne for a year after the 2014 WTC and I did (with minor excursions). So this post is about why I chose my casters for Blood & Oil and the lists I took.

Partly it's because of a Cryx player at my local club. He was using those two casters a lot whilst I was using the Skorne and I wanted to show off what I could do. The other part of it is I had not used those casters in ages but both were very familiar so I could ease myself back into the faction.


Infernal Machines - Tier 4

Master Necrotech Mortenebra +4
- Deryliss - Free
- Deathjack - 11
- 2x Harrower - 18
- Leviathan - 8
- 2x Stalker - 8
- Ripjaw - 5
2x Warwitch Siren - 4

Objective: Arcane Wonder

Tier 1 – The FA of Necrotech solos increases by +1 for every helljack included. Additionally, Scrap Thralls solos gain Advance Deployment.
Tier 2 – Helljacks gain Stealth during the first round of the game.
Tier 3 – Reduce the point cost of helljacks by 1.
Tier 4 – Your deployment Zone is extended 2” forward.

Kind of an easy list to write but Mortenebra seems to be rarely seen in the wild. I know I mostly stopped using her after colossals started to appear back in 2012. Everybody was bringing them and she really has difficultly in getting through armour. I know, Cryx complaining about armour, but with the theme list you are stopping at POW 18 max and against a colossal that's not enough, even with seven attacks. Mortenebra's other weakness is infantry. If your opponent has enough then you are buggered as she'll quickly get outflanked and taken down.

Now that colossals are rarely seen she's good enough to be on the table, especially against the Warmachine side of things where the medium base spam is very rarely seen. I took the Deathjack, because there is no reason not to and he kills things very well. The two stalkers and warwitch sirens are the flankers, picking off solos along the way to making the enemy caster feeling threatened. The two harrowers are there for infantry hunting and with Terminal Velocity and Overrun they can get to a lot of the board, you can even assassinate with them if the situation calls for it. Leviathan, well you can get rid of that pesky model blocking the charge lane, or go for the Interface assassination with a potential eight focus if done correctly.

Then there is the Ripjaw. The plan was to use Void Gate and stop colossals getting their focus whilst the Deathjack went to town on them. I love the idea but I've never actually used it on the table. I don't know if I should turn it and the leviathan into two scavengers and a reaper like I have been using, but that's for another blog post.


Lich Lord Asphyxious (2) +6
- Deathripper - 4
- Helldiver - 3
Bane Knights (max) - 10
Bile Thralls (min) - 5
Bane Thralls (max) - 8
- Officer & Standard - 3
Mechanithralls (min) - 3
Necrosurgeon & Stitch Thralls - 2
The Withershadow Combine - 5
Satyxis Blood Witches (min) - 4
- Satyxis Blood Hag - 2
Bane Lord Tartarus - 4
Saxon Orrik - 2
Machine Wraith - 1

Objective: Armoury

Most of this is very standard. Banes of both types for armour killing and feat purposes, Tartarus to support the banes, bile thralls for Excarnate tricks and so on. About the only thing that's non-standard from when I used to play Asphyxious2 is the mechanithralls and necrosurgeon. Even that is not my idea as people started taking those five points to counter Bradigus' remove from play guns and fists.

After using these casters and lists in a tournament or two I felt up to taking them to Blood & Oil. First time I went I met Lewis Johnson in the final and came second. Last year was the second time and I had three wins out of six games. This time the plan was to be eligible for WTC selection. That means a top 10 finish so at least five wins in a seven round tournament (which it might be). If you follow me on Twitter you know how it went but the next post will be full game reports.

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