Monday, 12 January 2015

The past and the future

It seems to be a standard after a long period of not writing to have a title like this one. An apology and a promise to write more in the future.

So what have I been doing for the past few months? Back at the beginning of the year I was selected as captain for England's Epic WTC team. Preparing for that has taken up most of my time that I would have used to write and sort photos for tournament reports.

I went to as many tournaments as I could doing very well to fairly well. Smogcon came and went as I qualified for Masters and went 2-2 in that event. I came 3rd at the Welsh Open thanks to some major SoS. Didn't make it to the second day at the expo as facing Cryx means facing some right cheese :D (2-2 for the first day). At least I got some practice captaining a team for that Sunday. The UK nationals was going well but at the end of the event I was 4-3.

Smaller tournaments included ones at Wargames Workshop, Dark Sphere, Tabletop Nation and many other places. All good places with great friendly players, even if I did feel bad sometimes. One quote was "I've never played against Asphyxious2, what does he do?" I profusely apologised throughout that game.

I also managed to get back to the European Masters in Rotterdam. I love that event as interacting with the international crowd is great fun. 5-2 afterwards and every game was against somebody new.

But the big one for this year was the WTC. That was a great highlight of the year. Did the team do as well as I hoped? Nope, but all the teams we faced were great people through and through.
On to the future. I'll be playing Skorne for the future, at least till Smogcon, which is coming up in a months time.

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